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Alloy / Inoculant Systems

General Kinematics Alloy Addition Systems take the guesswork out of your metallurgy. Alloy bins receive and store the ferro-silicone, graphite, or other additions, which is then transferred via vibratory feeder to a main weigh unit for batch make-up. Final batches are delivered to the charge area via delivery barrel and monorail / hoist assembly. Charge feeders are designed to accept and gradually mix alloy batch with the main charge. Fully integrated control systems (SCADA) are included to round out the package.

General Kinematics Inoculant Systems prepare and add inoculants or other materials into the ladle prior to pouring. Systems include individual material bins and feeders, accurate weighing rollovers, charge make-up feeders, and other options to accurately measure and deliver the right mix, in the right order, to your ladle.


  • Alloy Addition Systems can be integrated directly with your charge feeder, providing a complete charge solution.
  • Fully integrated control systems (SCADA) for precise product weighing.
  • Bins are fed using GK feeders featuring either electromechanical or pneumatic drives, depending on size and application.
  • Charge make-up feeders utilize weigh cells to accurately measure the correct amount of material for your particular metals mix.