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Charge Make-up Solutions

Speed up charge cycles and accurately weigh your charge material with GK’s Charge Make-up Solutions.
With GK’s Charge Make-up Solutions, materials are loaded into either a vibratory feeders or stationary bin with clam-shell bottom gates. Both options are mounted on weigh cells to determine the weight of charge material.

With the vibratory feeder option, multiple units can be arranged in series to separate charge material by type for precise mixing of materials. When system is activated, precise amounts of material are then loaded into the furnace charge feeder for accurate charge make-up. Stationary bins accumulate all material in bin, and when the material mix is correct, clam-shell type gates open, depositing the charge into the furnace feeder.

Selection of which type of charge make-up solution varies by furnace type and specific application. Contact a GK Foundry Specialist for more information.


  • Accumulate material in scrap yard to decrease charge cycle time.
  • Accurately measure amount of each type of material to create the correct metallurgy for your charge.
  • Charge Make-up Solutions are an integral part of GK’s complete furnace charging systems.