SPIRA-FLOW™ Spiral Conveyors


General Kinematics vibrating SPIRA-FLOW™ Spiral Conveyors offer unmatched performance with added process features. Available in infinite lengths and heights, GK Spiral Conveyors are custom built for your specific application.

Technically advanced vibrating spiral conveyors do more than just move your product. Spirals can be equipped for direct or indirect drying, direct or indirect cooling, coating, and can be designed to convey material up or down. Available in stainless or mild steel, open or enclosed, there is no limit to what a GK spiral can do.

Foundry applications include: sand, small castings, shot, sprue, cores, media, and more.


  • Variable Force drive allows for easy adjustment of speed and retention time.
  • Spirals can have open flighting or be totally enclosed, depending on your product and environmental requirements.
  • Optional processing features such as heating, cooling, drying, coating, and more, allow for multiple material processing in one compact machine.