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The Vibratory Difference

“Two of our plants have GK screens running 20 hrs/day, 6 days/week. GK’s robust design has translated into minimal downtime. Our maintenance guys love it. The screens have performed fantastically and are a critical part of our manufacturing process.”

Rashid Shakir, Dir. of Engineering, American Wood Fibers

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High-quality product design, world-class craftsmanship, and after-market support provide you the strategic advantage you need to improve your process. Our equipment is proven to provide operational benefits of reduced downtime, improved capacities and the best total cost of ownership.

Using vibration creates long-term value. GK’s value is built into our product and beyond. We support our customers before, during and long after installation to ensure a smooth process. Our skilled team is there for you throughout.


Vibration is the future. Equipment of the past has a lot of moving parts giving a greater risk of breakage. GK equipment harnesses the power of vibration to make the material do the work. Less motion means a longer lifespan for your equipment.

Less moving parts mean less maintenance, repairs, and downtime for your process.


Vibratory equipment requires less energy, lowering your power cost.

ISO Certification ensures that you are getting a quality product.


GK is dedicated to making our products safe for the people that use them. Working in accordance with OSHA reassures that our products meet safety compliances for our customers.