Casting Cooling Equipment

Controlled Cooling.
Once a casting is birthed from the mold, you have to reduce the temperature of the casting before you can perform further processing. General Kinematics casting cooling solutions apply controlled cooling to effectively reduce casting temperatures at the speed you need.

Heavy-Duty Designs.
Casting cooling conveyors experience a wide range of difficult situations: abrasive sand and castings, moisture and humidity, and extreme temperatures. Environments like this require heavy-duty machines designed to compensate for these fluctuations. GK casting cooling conveyors are designed to handle abrasive materials and the expansion and contraction from heat.

More work in less space.
GK’s SPIRA-COOL® has revolutionized foundry plant design and operation. What used to take hundreds of feet horizontally to cool your castings can now be accomplished in a single compact footprint. Not only does this reduce the cost of building expansion, but it also reduces your HVAC duct work requirements, as the SPIRA-COOL® uses single intake and discharge points.

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