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General Kinematics’ FINGER-SCREEN™ for Waste to Energy (WTE) is proven to be highly successful in processing wet bottom ash and scalping off the “bulkies”. GK’s vibratory FINGER-SCREEN™ is a Two-Mass, low horsepower design with few moving parts for low maintenance, maximum up time and reliable performance.

The FINGER-SCREEN™ finger decks are designed with superior wear resistance and durability. Tapered finger designs along with unique cam-out surfaces and staggered positions help to prevent material bypass. The vibratory action spreads material across the deck thereby lowering the bed depth for maximum utilization of the screen area. Separation performance is further enhanced as material freely cascades down the deck with less plugging, trapping, or pegging. The result: continuous, dynamic material flow to enhance and optimize separation and classification.

A proven design for the WTE Industry, installations of GK’s FINGER-SCREEN™ for WTE are still in operation over thirty years later.


  • Vibratory motion evenly spreads material for maximum separation efficiency.
  • Staggered fingers prevent material bypass.
  • Tapered fingers gradually classify and free tangled materials.
  • Cascading material flow helps separate entrapped items.
  • Unique cam-out surface helps eliminate catching and binding.
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized steel coil reactor springs.
  • Modular deck construction permits easy deck replacement.
  • Custom-engineered to meet your specific requirements.