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General Kinematics’ New Alternating Flow Cascade (AFC) Indirect Cooler significantly improves the cooling process for Lithium Chloride and other hygroscopic products. Based on the company’s core Two Mass Technology, the cooler is designed with linear conveying coupled with the true horizontal drive action evenly spreads and maximizes the product contact with the cooling decks. The modular deck design further tumbles the product for increased uniform cooling. Designed with a liquid plenum beneath each deck, cooling fluid is circulated in an opposed direction to the product, following a serpentine motion to optimize the cooling effect. Sealed feed, discharge, and deck chambers eliminate the need for dust collection and prevent moisture from entering making this unit ideal for hygroscopic products.



  • Stackable design to further extend the cooling length
  • Tumbles material after each turn for uniform cooling
  • True horizontal drive action maximizes product contact duration with cooling deck
  • Modular Deck Design allows customizable cooling zones
  • Available with various steel trough construction including stainless steel, abrasion resistance and High nickel alloy for highly corrosive products
  • Conveyor rate is controllable
  • Eliminates need for dust collection
  • Sealed chamber for hygroscopic materials
  • Easy access doors for material handling
  • GK’s Two-Mass design requires a fraction of the horsepower of a conventional machine
  • Vibration monitor system included