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General Kinematics knows vibratory equipment. Since 1960, GK has pioneered the application of vibration with numerous patents, countless unique installations and years of technical experience to support our designs. Always customer-centric, GK’s latest innovation VERTEX™, gives customers the power and peace of mind to reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime.

Capable of analyzing any brand of vibratory equipment, VERTEX™ detects potential overload conditions, lower performance rates and more. Reporting and creating a historical timeline of your vibratory equipment enables you to make the best decisions to maximize productivity and profits.




what would your maintenance department look like if they could plan for downtime



VERTEX™ packages are available in various levels of support to fit your operation:

  • BARRIER™ Basic: Includes VERTEX™ Monitoring device.
  • BARRIER™ Plus: Includes VERTEX™ Monitoring Device, Web portal, text alerts, next business day GK tech phone response, Annual performance review.
  • BARRIER™ Premier: Includes VERTEX™ Monitoring Device, Web portal, text alerts, GK Tech phone response within four hours, Bi-Annual Service inspections*.

*North American Customers Only






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How GK’s VERTEX™ Works

Accelerometers are attached to key places on your vibratory equipment and report back data to you and GK’s Field Service Department. All information is stored on the sensor, thereby offering a quick overview of the unit.

The data is reviewed and any potential issues can be diagnosed by General Kinematics’ Field Service technicians who are trained to provide recommendations on optimal equipment performance.

Lastly, reports are available to you to view VERTEX™ records, reports, schedule and more.



General Kinematics’ BARRIER™ provides monitoring services for your vibratory equipment. Choose one or all: APEX™ Wireless monitoring device, VERTEX™ 24/7 predictive monitoring and NOMADX™ a segment of GK Field Service dedicated to monitoring your equipment performance data.
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