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Variable Force (VF) Wheels

General Kinematics exclusive Variable Force (VF) Wheels enable infinitely variable feed rates, providing up to 100% turn down. This is accomplished by varying the drive exciting force by instantaneously changing the pneumatically controlled counterweights inside. The V-F control permits “stop and resume” feed, even at minimum rates. They respond accurately to belt scales, load cells, or other feed back signals for precise proportional feed control.

General Kinematics V-F Wheels are mounted on our special vibratory motors using a double extended shaft. Our V-F Wheels require an 80 PSI air supply to control them. Because they utilize a closed end system, they do not consume air. You can estimate 1 CFM requirement per Activator Feeder.

V-F Wheels can be controlled either pneumatically or by hydraulics. Both systems are offered in either our manually operated pneumatic control box, or via hydraulic pump and our automatic electro-pneumatic or hydraulic control system. Our automatic systems are designed to receive a 4-20 MADC signal, from a remote location, and converts it to a 0 to 80 PSI air or hydraulic supply to the V-F Wheels, via customer’s PLC, working in conjunction with a belt scale down stream.