Superior Design – Longevity – Quality Construction – Precise Methods – Custom Engineering. If these elements are what you’re looking for in your vibratory equipment, then General Kinematics is the only choice for you.

Our DUCTA-SERIES™ Rotary Drums offer many benefits that make it stand above the competition. These make them a staple in foundries around the world.

  1. The Liners — DUCTA-SERIES™ models use the LOCK-TITE™ liner system which offer a long life and easy replacement. You can even upgrade your existing drum liner with a LOCK-TITE™ liner. With our liner segments, there is no need for tricky repairs. It’s easy to replace individual sections making downtime minimal.
  2. Extended life — GK rotary drum systems are easily accessible by staff for regular maintenance and cleaning. There is clear access between the drum body and conveyor to making maintenance a breeze! Plus the drum drive is on the outside which means you don’t have to crawl under the drum to check belts and other parts.
  3. Reduced maintenance costs and overall lower cost of ownership.

If you’d like to learn more about the GK DUCTA-SERIES™XL and DUCTA-SERIES™ SL click the button below to read our whitepaper. In this paper, we give you a detailed breakdown of the differences that make General Kinematics the only choice for rotary drums.


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  • Amy Donahue