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5 Ways E-Scrap Recycling Companies Can Gain More Customers

Americans discarded more than 2.4 million tons of e-waste in 2010, according to a 2014 report released by the Electronics TakeBack Coalition. Of those items, nearly 1.8 million tons was placed in the trash, while only 27 percent of the total was recycled.

Precious metals extracted from e-scrap can bring in money. On a public service level, a significant portion of the e-scrap market needs to be tapped into to prevent electronic waste from going to the dump, where it can potentially harm the environment. But it’s crucial to develop potential customers and line up markets to sell these materials to.

Here are some methods for growing your e-scrap recycling business.

1) Connect with companies to collect materials that need to be recycled. Consider all of the types of businesses that would have high-use or oversight of computers, electronics and computer-related items. Reach out directly to the Owners, Presidents, Managers, Merchandising and Receiving Managers, Visual Managers, and IT Managers to tell them about your e-scrap program. Offer incentives like a discount for the initial service, and free pick up if they tell their customers about your services.

Here are some ideas of businesses that have a potential need for an e-scrap program like yours:

– Storefronts that provide network service, upgrades and repair for computers—for both business and residential

– Businesses that provide full-fledged planning, engineering and surveying

Industrial biotechnology companies (like one that develops biofuels)

– Computer firms

– IT consulting and IT management companies

– Real estate developers

– Health care facilities including hospices

– Sports stores

– Resorts and hotels

– Door and gate experts

– Private and public schools and academic institutions

2) Include customer recommendations and service quotes on your website.

3) Publish brief (well-made, professionally created) video interviews on your website with your clients and employees to demonstrate the services you provide.

4) After all of the e-goods—circuit boards, phones, computers and so forth—are collected and recycled, the extracted precious metals can be sold to metal dealers and users.

5) Another option is that your e-scrap company can sell your collected e-scrap items over to other specialized or larger e-scrap refineries that have the capabilities of sorting through e-scrap items and extracting the purest, and most valuable materials.

General Kinematics is a global leader in vibratory technology. General Kinematics’ e-scrap solutions are second to none, providing durable, top notch machinery that outperforms the competition. Contact General Kinematics’ resource recovery specialists to see how we can help increase purity of your e-scrap.

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