Born in the USA: GK is Tops in American Foundry Equipment

Made in USA GK


What lures us to support locally made products? The (uber delicious) pecan-filled granola at the town coffee roaster. An album recorded by the bluegrass singer down the block. A wool mid-layer or pair of socks that’s manufactured in your home state.


Other than pride and honor, there are plenty of reasons for why local production is great for our communities and for business in your local state or across the country.


In the industry of foundry equipment, this rule of thumb is no different. General Kinematics, headquartered in Chicago, produces the largest selection of vibratory and rotary foundry machinery equipment in the industry. What’s more, is that out of the entire pool of American foundry equipment manufacturers, GK has been a lead designer of vibratory equipment for more than half a century. Now, that’s a solid track record.


Along with GK’s steadfast production, here are several reasons for why it’s awesome to support local creators:


Purchasers can rest easy knowing that GK manufacturing is completed ethically, without manipulating human rights, abusing environmental resources, or in a speculative environment overseas.


Quality shouldn’t be sacrificed, no matter where the product is made. Pointing to one testimonial, Rashid Shakir, Director of Engineering for American Wood Fibers, gave a special shout out to our screens, which are made right here in the U.S.A.:


“Two of our plants have GK screens running 20 hours per day, 6 days a week, and General Kinematic’s robust design has translated into minimal downtime. Our maintenance guys love it. The screens have performed fantastically and are a critical part of our manufacturing process.”


Purchasing products locally can cut out shipping costs and increase turn-around time after you order what you need (which is also better for the environment.) Plus, if there’s ever an issue or question regarding the foundry equipment, you know where to find us. We’ll always respond!


Just like that tasty cup of granola and the baker of the recipe, General Kinematics is honored to provide a sweep of mega-high quality American-made foundry solutions!

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