A Canadian mine was dealing with the effects of an unreliable screen positioned at the discharge end of a Sag Mill. In addition to creating downtime, the brute-force screen was not processing the desired load of wet copper ore.

Copper Screening

Understanding the process and the level of reliability that the process needed, General Kinematics’ talented subject matter experts went to work designing an STM SCREEN™ that would outperform the needs of the process requirements. General Kinematics’ Two-Mass design STM-SCREEN™ utilizes sub-resonant frequency and smaller drive forces to protect the screen structure from stresses that commonly damage brute-force designed screens. The lower drive force also provides a quicker startup and shut down than traditional brute-force machines eliminating the violent “kick” that often occurs during either stage. The evenly distributed drive forces inflict less stress on the joints throughout the machine incurring less damage and maintenance throughout the life of the equipment.


The existing screen is currently capable of processing 1500 TPH with a width of 3.66m, a length of 8.5 meters and a screening area of 31m². The replacement STM-SCREEN™ is slightly larger, with a width of 3.6m, a length of 9.6m and a screening area of 35m². The new screen will be able to process 2,000 TPH with surge capacities of 2,400 TPH thereby accomplishing the desired processing capacity for the mine.


The project is currently slated for delivery May 2019 with a July Installation.


To learn more about this project or other STM-SCREEN™ projects in your area, contact me!

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