On the Hunt for a Screening Material Solution


A customer had an existing system that used a grizzly section running perpendicular to the material flow stream. The grizzly section of this stationary unit constantly clogged up and needed to be cleaned manually by the facilities operations team. If it was not kept clean all the material would back up and shut down the entire system.


Needing to remove the plus 3” material (the overs) to be re-circulated to reduce its size, the customer also needed the minus 3” material to fall through to the belt and be recovered. The engineering team began developing several drawing designs to determine the best solution for this challenge.


An inclined V-TROUGH® unit was selected to gain the required elevation to successfully feed to the opposite side of the unders belt. This enabled GK to make the removal of unders and overs inline rather than perpendicular like the existing system. This unit was followed by a stepped down finger deck section instead of grizzly bars to limit the length of the minus materials that could go to the belt.


The results of these upgrades worked very well and the customer is extremely satisfied with the results. The unit is in operation and the feedback has been excellent.  The plant manager said he and his operations team are pleased not only with performance of this unit, but that the installation was very smooth and works well with all interface points. All in all, very nice equipment from General Kinematics.


About General Kinematics

General Kinematics Corporation, incorporated in 1960, was established to market, design, and custom fabricate innovative vibratory materials handling and processing equipment. Today the company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of vibratory processing equipment, holding more than 200 worldwide patents, and is acknowledged as a major contributor to the technical advancement of vibrating equipment design and application. Today, over 50,000 General Kinematics units have been installed in virtually all of the world’s industrialized countries. For more information about General Kinematics products and services, visit the company’s website at www.generalkinematics.com

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  • Amy Donahue