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Case Study: C&D Systems at Their Finest

 by General Kinematics,


A new prospect in Ohio came to General Kinematics seeking assistance in the development and installation of a new C&D Sorting System. This process took over two years working through several iterations of system designs and layouts to finally come to the solution that was put into place.


With an incoming flow of C&D Waste at roughly 200yd/hr, GK needed to design an appropriate Sorting System that would effectively segregate the C&D waste stream into the following constituents: Wood, -5/8” Fines/dirt, aggregate, cardboard, plastics, and other unwanted waste.


The GK built C&D Sorting System, featured the following equipment (see pictures at the end of this post): GK’s VIBRATORY FINGER-SCREEN™ making a nominal 2 ½” separation to remove the “unders” fraction of the waste. Whereby the “unders” drop through the abrasion resistant steel Finger Deck to a lower rubber carrying surface and conveyed to discharge out the end of the FINGER-SCREEN™ unit. The “overs” fraction stays on top of the Finger Deck and continues to travel in-line to the Incline Sorting Belt and Elevated Pick Platform.

The “overs” fraction: An INCLINE SORTING BELT & ELEVATED PICK PLATFORM receives the plus 2” to 2 ½” materials allowing operators positioned along-side of the Horizontal Pick Belt Section to pick the desired commodities. The commodities are removed from the Pick Belt and dropped thru fabricated chutes which fall into the roll-off containers.

The “unders” fraction: An INCLINE FINES BELT CONVEYOR receives the minus 2” to 2 ½” and presents this material to the Overhead Electro-Magnet positioned at 90° to the flow.

Metals recovery on the “fines”:

– The OVERHEAD ELECTRO-MAGNET removes all the ferrous metal pieces in the material stream. The remainder of the flow is then transferred to GKC’s Vibratory DE-STONER®.

– GK’s VIBRATORY DE-STONER® receives the minus 2” to 2 ½” material and immediately removes the minus 5/8” fines/dirt on a custom designed rod deck screen, installed at the feed-end of the DE-STONER® . The removal of this “fines/dirt” helps keep the dust levels reduced and makes for a cleaner cut on the “Heavies” fraction. The DE-STONER® incorporates a fluidizer section with a high velocity air knife to separate out the heavier, more dense material and blow over the lighter, less dense material.

– A HEAVIES QC INSPECTION BELT CONVEYOR receives the “heavies” fraction of material and transfers it to the quality control station pick station. This stream is primarily clean aggregate allowing the operator to negatively pick any trash/waste to enhance the clean aggregate.

– Special design features for this specific customer and material included:

  • VFD Controls to change the speed of the Pick Belt.
  • Ability to move roll-offs in and out as different commodities are picked/sorted.
  • Ingenious loading technology including a ramp so a front-end loader can load the system or grapple.



GK provided this project as a “Turn-Key” installation, utilizing local mechanical and electrical contractors supervised by GK Technical Project Managers. Installed July 2012, the C&D System was completed on time and has exceeded customer expectations.

“The team at General Kinematics is Grade A. From initial engineering to design and concept to final installation, our project was handled professionally. The team at General Kinematics is detail oriented and kept the project on schedule. I would highly recommend GK to anyone considering investing in a recovery system”. – Ohio C&D Disposal company




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