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Equipment Highlight: UN-COALER® for Wood Applications

 by Sarah Maher,

Though the name hints that the units main use is for coal, the UN-COALER® Activator/Feeder is utilized in dozens of applications around the world.

UN-COALER® Activator / Feeder

The UN-COALER® Activator/Feeder is ideal for feeding and metering material with the added benefit of integrated flow control. Versatile and dependable, this activator can process rates up to 2,000 tons per hour. In order to dissipate belt tracking issues, the UN-COALER® continuously loads centered and symmetrically.


Though aggregate, powder, and bulk are all ideal applications for the UN-COALER® as well, the most unique application for this unit may be that of wood processing. In the process of metering wood, the unit is often placed below a silo and benefits from uniform metering of the material that often causes clumps. Due to the vibrating activation of the material mass, the material is dislodged from the surrounding material when drawn from the storage location.


Wood processing utilizing the UN-COALER® is beneficial when processing large head loads yet capable of maintaining a consistent flow rate. To learn more about what the UN-COALER® can do for your process, Call GK!