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dryer for volatile material
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Indirect Drying Feeder for a Safer Environment

 by Sarah Maher,

General Kinematics has made a name for themselves over the last half a century as being leaders in vibratory equipment innovation. The improvements in design and equipment capabilities come from working directly with our customers and their unique processing challenges. Known for expert engineering and problem-solving, General Kinematics is the vibratory equipment manufacturer to get the job done.   

Warning Volatile Substance label

Volatile Processing

In a unique application, the evaporation of an extremely volatile solvent from a granular solid was necessary after the coating process to create the final product. To add to the complexity of design, the process requirements had to take place in an enclosed space away from operators, creating the need for a unit that would not need direct supervision or require maintenance often. Due to the extremely high tendency for explosion, many scenarios needed to be audited and taken into account in the design on the evaporator. Any pinching, sparking, or slamming would be cause for an event and create an extremely dangerous situation for the employees.

Building from Experience

With a host of other applications to reference and engineering power, General Kinematics created an evaporating feeder using heated water, eliminating processes that would cause sparks with special weldments and springs. A variable force drive would give the operators control over the unit and a GK Stroke Monitor would give the operator all of the data needed to monitor the equipment.

A Lasting solution

Now, over ten years later, the Indirect Evaporating Feeder continues to solve this unique process challenge while keeping the operators safe. General Kinematics continues to work with our customers to create unique solutions to any process challenge that comes their way. Challenge us today.