President’s Blog: Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology is one that displaces an established technology, or a product that creates a completely new market segment. 



Innovating and creating “disruptive technology” are business drivers that many companies strive for. At General Kinematics, it is something we try to do every day.


One recent example here at GK involved our LOCK-TITE™ Rotary Drum Liners. These rotary drum liners were developed in response to safety issues, performance issues, and complicated installations we would hear about from customers. The team at General Kinematics made it their personal responsibility to find a solution that would improve safety, ease installation, and be a more durable solution than what was on the market. As a result, these liners have been a force of reckoning in the rotary drum liner market and are becoming the new standard for rotary drum performance.


General Kinematics has been entwined in the Foundry industry since day one, over half a century ago. Our customers have become like family and GK strives to provide the safest, most durable equipment to improve their profits and keep their businesses booming. These connections with our customers are what drives us to make the best products on the market and continue that philosophy of creating disruptive technology.

Whether we are engineering new methods for more efficient processing of materials, or improving our after-market support services, the team at General Kinematics always looks for ways to create innovative technical solutions to improve our customer’s processes. These disruptive technologies improve process uptime, remove bottlenecks, reduce maintenance time and cost, and improve bottom-line results.


If you have a process challenge that is stuck in the “status quo” or can’t be resolved by the other guys, call GK to help develop a disruptive innovation to take your business to the next level.

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Tom Musschoot joined General Kinematics full time in 1999 holding the titles of Director of Marketing and VP of North American Sales & Marketing to name a few before assuming the office of the President. Tom received a BA in Music from Bradley University before completing his MBA at Webster University. Tom has 5 patents in his name, spearheading the rotary product line for GK. When Tom is not in the office he can be found watching hockey, working on cars, or driving his kids to their sporting events and cheering them on.
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