President’s Blog: Fun at Work

“Wow… most businesses don’t do that kind of stuff anymore.” is a response I received recently when describing how we have fun at GK. To many, going to work is a lot like the movie, Groundhog Day. Everything is the same. Predictable. Boring. Not fun.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t interest me. Why go to the same place every day if you don’t enjoy the job or the people you work with?

At GK, we continually try to engage in activities and events that bring our teams together in order to have fun, get to know each other, and strengthen our work family. Whether it is something small like our monthly all company birthday / anniversary / new hire snack time or something larger like our annual GK car show, we are always looking for new ways to have fun as a team.

But fun at work shouldn’t just be limited to special events… you should enjoy the actual work. When new hires ask what it is like to work at GK, I often compare it to the television show “How it’s made”. Every day we are coming up with new machines for unique processes. One day we could be agglomerating fiberglass while the next day cooling castings or grinding chocolate. The diversity drives creativity and excitement in approaching and creating solutions to new challenges.

I tell our team if you don’t like working at GK, branch out and discover something you do enjoy. A high performing team relies on the strengths, accountability, and drive of all the team members. If you feel you are no longer happy to be part of that team and culture, you are no longer motivated to perform your best work. Life is short. Enjoy what you do.

To see current career opportunities at GK, visit our HR page here.





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Tom Musschoot joined General Kinematics full time in 1999 holding the titles of Director of Marketing and VP of North American Sales & Marketing to name a few before assuming the office of the President. Tom received a BA in Music from Bradley University before completing his MBA at Webster University. Tom has 5 patents in his name, spearheading the rotary product line for GK. When Tom is not in the office he can be found watching hockey, working on cars, or driving his kids to their sporting events and cheering them on.
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