Trommel systems are sold as a turn-key solution and are portable. They are reasonably priced and most components are already made so lead time is very quick.


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GK was asked to give a presentation as to what we could do to make the system better and run more efficiently, utilizing our equipment.



First GK studied maintenance and reliability of the FINGER-SCREEN™TM to that of the trommel. Next up, was durability. Thirdly, general issues were reviewed like balancing to reduce floor loading, the long lasting decks as proven many times in the past, and the robustness of the trammel system vs. FINGER-SCREEN™TM. Lastly, energy consumption was compared with the diesel powered 125 HP motor that is used on the trommel unit. The FINGER-SCREEN™TM excelled in maintenance, durability, balancing and even the energy costs were considerably lower.



The customer decided to purchase the GK FINGER-SCREEN™TM based not only upon these selling points, but mainly the over-all research by GK and how our equipment could help their specific application. GK doesn’t have simple salespeople. Our team is made up of sales engineers who not only understood exactly how our equipment works, but also how it was designed and fabricated. Two other customers are now in communications to replace trommels at their facilities also.


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  • Amy Donahue