Why Castings? General Kinematics

Why Castings?

Metal Producers the world over understand that to stay on the cutting edge of any industry; it’s crucial to maintain flexible production methods. You need to be able to respond to customer demand, keep up with market trends, and manage a whole host of other issues facing your industry. That’s why business owners around the globe are switching to a casting manufacturing process.

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There are several reasons that your manufacturing process may already be outdated or, worse yet, incapable of handling increased demand. Whether your method requires excessive assembly and machinery time, or the assembly process is slowed by random variations, then you may already be in dire need of a casting solution.

Why Castings?

There are many reasons to use casted products.

1. Designing the Product, Not Just the Parts

Unlike a fabrication  process, casting allows designers the opportunity to craft several pieces designed to be assembled quickly, efficiently, and without deviation. Casting not only saves time and money but helps to prevent costly variations from misassembled parts by creating a larger, simplified component with greater stability.

2. Mass Production

The casting process is exceptionally adaptable, meaning that you can respond to increased demand with ease by producing several cast products in a short period. What you may have to spend towards engineering and tooling costs up front, you will save in improved performance, reduced weight and shorter lead times. The casting process is so refined that it’s also able to work with a wider variety of metals than forging or fabrication. It’s no secret that some alloys can only be cast. There’s no need to sacrifice quality for production numbers or vice versa; and with casting, you won’t need to.  

3. Embrace Complexity

With the casting process, you’re free to design and implement large or intricate projects with ease. The finished products are ensured to be high in quality and will have fewer issues with twisting or warping caused by outside elements (such as heat or pressure). You’re also likely to see a reduction in raw material costs as your refined casting process creates less waste.

4. Flexibility

Business owners can shift a casting manufacturing process with minor changes , which means that you can adapt to meet client needs quickly and easily. Additionally, castings deliver a near perfect product, reducing the amount of machining needed to finalize products for delivery. Casting also reduces the amount of overhead and inventory as parts are combined, saving you money and leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business.  

Once you’ve got a casting process in place — whether you opt for die casting, sand casting, or any of the alternatives — you can expect to see increased efficiency, lowered cost, and dramatically improved adaptability.

General Kinematics Can Elevate Your Business

aluminum metal casting - Why Castings? General Kinematics

Have more questions? General Kinematics is ready and waiting to give you all the answers. When it’s time to make the switch to the casting manufacturing process, General Kinematics is an invaluable ally. Our foundry equipment increases casting yields, diminishes casting damage, and reduces maintenance costs – making your overall business more efficient and profitable. 

Our knowledgeable team is here and waiting to help you get started crafting a custom solution that is  designed to meet your specific needs. No matter where you are in the world, we can help. Contact us today.

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