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Foundry Shakeout Equipment Selector



Choose the BEST shakeout equipment solution for your foundry or metal casting facility.

In the modern foundry, there are many options when it comes to choosing the proper shakeout technology for your metal casting facility. General Kinematics is the only foundry equipment supplier which offers every type of vibratory and rotary shakeout solution. Not only that, GK also has proprietary, custom solutions that nobody else can make or offer you. This means that when a GK Foundry specialist recommends a piece of shakeout equipment, it is based on what is best for your application, not what is in our product catalog.

Use the table of foundry and casting shakeout equipment below to learn more about the technical advantages of each shakeout technology. Then, contact your General Kinematics Foundry specialist to determine the best solution for your process.

Model Type of Shakeout Application
VIBRA-CLAIM® Vibratory shakeout and reclamation of no-bake sand. Designed for low volume facilities with 5 – 25 molds per hour.
Direct-Drive Shakeouts Screening or secondary vibratory shakeout operation. Typically for lower compatibility molds.
V2 Variable Vector Shakeouts Variable attack angle, brute force vibrating shakeouts. Horizontal mold (match-plate or flask) for large size, low volume molding operations. Also can be used as a secondary vibratory shakeout to remove residual sand from the system
Two-Mass High- Energy Shakeouts Two-Mass horizontal angled vibrating drive. Small to large volume vibratory shakeout for molding operations with low to high molding rates. Mainly high production, Automotive lines. Not used as much for Low Molding rate, larger Flask lines.
Vertical Shakeouts Dual mass vertical vibrating shakeout. Large flask vibratory shakeout. Used for very high tonnage and weights. Requires Manual Crane or Manipulator extraction.
VIBRA-DRUM® Dual Mass Vibrating Drum. Vibratory shakeout used for fragile castings where reduced casting damage and cooling are critical. Vertical and horizontal molding operations with any variety of molding rate. Requires a sand to metal ratio (for spatial relationship between castings and gating) of typically greater than 6 to 1 (sand volume to metal volume).
DUCTA-SPRUE® Rotary sprue mill. Sand Removal from Gating and Returns. Also, with liner design altered, for use as a lump-breaker/sand attrition.
DUCTA-CLEAN® Rotary media drum. Rotary Media Drum specifically for castings that can take some abuse (Ductile Iron) for the removal of sprue (Gating) and casting cleaning. Ductile iron operations requiring gating breakage and typically less critical finish. Also for gray, but a vibra-drum is a better choice for casting finish.
DUCTA-SCREEN® Rotary shakeout for ductile and gray. Similar in operation to above, but without the use of media.
DUCTA-COOL™ Large rotary drum for separation and cooling of sand from castings.