Melt Deck Equipment

Optimize Melt Operations

General Kinematics melting and sprue cleaning solutions automate your melting operations. From scrap cleaning to furnace charging, GK has a solution to improve the safety and productivity of your melt operations.

Cleaning and Conveying

Returning clean scrap to the melt deck is important to produce a cleaner pour. To get your scrap back, vibratory conveyors from General Kinematics offer quiet, reliable conveying with low maintenance requirements. On the way, GK’s DUCTA-SPRUE® removes sand through aggressive tumbling action and prepares scrap for remelt.

Building Your Charge

Proper metallurgy is determined even before you melt. GK’s alloy addition, ladle addition, and charge make up solutions automate this process to provide a consistent charge make up every time.

Heavy-Duty Furnace Charging

General Kinematics furnace charge feeders are the most reliable and durable vibratory charge feeders available. Each machine is custom engineered for your specific tonnage and furnace type. Feeders are available in a variety of mobile configurations to best fit your facility and process. Combine this with our charge makeup solutions for the ultimate in melt deck performance.

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