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Maximize material recovery with GK’s VIBRA-DRUM® technology  for grinding, crushing and leaching!

General Kinematics VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mills are proven in dozens of milling applications in the mining and mineral industries.

Each grinding mill is achieving impressive energy savings (35-50%), thanks to a unique rotational material motion that is more efficient than conventional ball or rotary grinding mills. New processes such as micron grinding and mechanochemical grinding give our customers a unique and effective competitive advantage.

VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill units are also ideal for continuous processing of “difficult-to-fluidize” products such as large flake and stringy or tacky materials. Typical VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill applications include direct gas contact heating, drying, cooling, and coating. Need more information about the General Kinematics VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mills? Ask our experts!


How It Works:

Exceptional grinding performance and energy savings are the result of the VIBRA-DRUM® natural frequency design. A sub-resonant, two mass drive and spring system alternately stores and releases grinding power. Once in motion, energy is only needed to move the grinding media as a fluid mass, and to overcome frictional losses.

The increased number of impacts in the VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill results in a faster, more efficient grinding action. As the grinding mill vibrates, media particle migration is experienced in both axial and transverse directions. In fact, the media migrates through the VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill in a path similar to that of a rotary grinding mill without lifters, but each media particle imparts positive impact energy at each vibration.

GK-Graphics-DrumdiaThe area where comminution takes place is larger and more efficient compared to a rotary grinding mill of similar size. There are no dead zones of inactive media inside the vibrating grinding mill. And, unlike stirred or tower grinding mills which grind by attrition, the VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill uses the principle of impact grinding which causes clean breaking and does not coat the mineral/gangue with slimes.

The VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill can be used for processes other than grinding. It has been used to:

  • process and agglomerate fiberglass
  • mix product components
  • clean castings
  • for hydrometallurgy
  • minerals recovery
  • and other processes.



VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mills excel over conventional ball, stirred media, or vertical roller mills in both grinding and energy efficiency.

  • Proven energy savings range from 35 to 50% reductions in kW hours per ton of processed material.
  • 5 to 10 times longer media life.
  • No trunnions, wheels, gears or drive reducers.
  • Few moving parts assures low maintenance.
  • Adjustable media action, from gentle to aggressive.
  • One half the liner requirements of typical rotating designs.
  • Easily installed. Low dynamic reaction force eliminates massive foundation requirements.
  • Recoveries of 93 – 97% can be achieved without the use of toxic chemicals such as arsenic due to the unique fracturing in the ore from General Kinematics Mill as well as our leaching solution.
  • Liberation of precious metals due to the non-compression nature of milling.
  • Fracture of ore saturated in zones of microcrystalline areas.
  • Heavy pulp density for maximum ore processed per gallon of liquid.
  • System is fully automated.
  • In-situ leaching eliminates external leaching componentry and helps control chemistry.


Minimal Installation Costs:

The capital cost of a VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill is significantly less than a rotary grinding mill containing a comparable media load. There are no drive speed reducers, ancillary machinery, nor large support bearings. The VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill has very few moving parts.


A VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill does not require the typical massive concrete foundation required of a conventional rotary grinding mill unit. Structural steel supports are designed as an integral part of the VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill and simply bolted to a suitable load-bearing floor.

The grinding chamber in the VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill requires replaceable liners on only 60% of its circumference, representing a considerable saving in initial installation and mill downtime. Theoretically the VIBRA-DRUM® need not be a tube shape, however, this shape was chosen because of its shell strength.

Contrary to rotating devices the VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill offers the advantage of relatively static access to the mill while it is operating. The controlled addition and even distribution of chemicals, the sampling of material in progress, or the discharge of product at any point in the mill offers endless possibilities.




Leaching Applications:

The  VIBRA-DRUM® in a wet grind leaching application provides efficient chemo-mechanical processing of ore bodies for precious metal recovery.



Minimal moving parts and innovative engineering combine to provide you with a grinding mill that requires little maintenance and downtime requirements. The maintenance of the VIBRA-DRUM® products consists of…

  • Periodic lubrication of motors.
  • Easy liner replacement system uses clamp bars for quick replacement.
  • Access doors allow easy inspection of media and liner.
  • Media changes simplified by removal of endcap bolts


Product Qualification:

The capabilities of the VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill are unmatched. Extensive in-house or on-site testing is available to qualify your product requirements. General Kinematics also offers wet or dry particle analysis as well as access to our on staff material scientist for further material qualification.

The VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill is proven to efficiently grind:

Aluminum Oxide
Barium Ferrite
Calcined Magnesite
Graphite & Synthetics
Iron Oxides
Industrial Abrasives
Mechano-Chemical Grinding
Metallic Slag
Nickel/Ferro Chrome Alloys
Various Ores
Chrome Carbide
Petroleum Coke
Powder Coatings
Precious Metals
Silica Sand
Silicon Carbide
Silicon Metal
Slags, various
Tungsten Carbide

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