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SPIRA-FLOW™ Vibrating Spiral Elevator

Spiral elevators offer countless benefits. When working with fragile or temperamental materials, a spiral elevator’s reliably smooth motion protects material integrity. This high-frequency vibrating equipment is also ideal for thermal treatments and other heat-related treatments that require a long conveying path. Additionally, spiral elevators are space-saving and leave a small footprint, optimal for those who are limited to tight quarters. Finally, maintenance costs and downtime costs are low, due to General Kinematics SPIRA-FLOW™ vibrating spiral elevator’s high-quality building materials and standard 20hr run test before the product is shipped to you.

General Kinematics SPIRA-FLOW™ vibrating spiral elevators and conveyors for processing offer unmatched performance with added process features. While competitor spiral elevators have a hight limit, General Kinematics offers infinite lengths and heights, GK Spiral Conveyors are custom built for your specific application.

Technically advanced vibrating spiral conveyors are more than just an elevator for your product. SPIRA-FLOW™ Vibrating Spiral Conveyors can be equipped for a variety of processes: direct or indirect drying, direct or indirect cooling, coating, and material conveyance either up or down. Vibrating spiral elevator units are available in stainless or mild steel and open or enclosed, and are specially customized to your manufacturing design and format.

With a GK SPIRA-FLOW™, the opportunities are limitless.



  • Elevate or lower products or materials on the vibrating spiral conveyors.
  • Direct drive or Two-Mass designs available.
  • Extremely customizable format and function, available open or enclosed.


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