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SYNCRO-COIL® Vibratory Conveyors

General Kinematics SYNCRO-COIL® conveyors are designed for heavy or medium-duty material load applications. They feature rugged, long life alloy coil springs and are ideal for applications with heavy-duty trough construction, large material loads, or operation in dusty or difficult atmospheres.

SYNCRO-CUSHION™ Coil Spring Drive
Our proven SYNCRO-CUSHION™ coil spring drive combines the advantages of natural frequency vibratory action with a rugged drive and trough connection. The result: exceptional performance in high load or adverse operating conditions.

A Balancing Style for Every Application
In many installations, the transmission of forces to the surrounding supports or building steel must be reduced to a minimum. General Kinematics offers many types of counterpoised designs to adsorb or isolate reaction forces. Learn more about GK’s balancing styles here.


  • Versatile Design Options – Light and heavy-duty construction as well as different isolation and drive configurations depending on your application.
  • SYNCRO-CUSHION™ Coil Spring Drive – Coil spring connection to trough offers protection to drive components should an overload occur.
  • Aluminum Rocker Legs – Aluminum legs offer the strength of steel while significantly reducing vibrating weight of machine. Aluminum also quickly conducts heat away from the bushings. Less weight and less heat mean less wear on components and more uptime for your equipment.
  • Balanced and Isolated designs – In many installations, transmission of forces to the surrounding supports or building steel is unacceptable. GK offers many different types of counterpoised designs to absorb or isolate reaction forces. These include duplicate trough reactor assemblies, sub-base to earth spring systems, and positively driven balancer mass that moves 180 degrees out-of phase – to name just a few. GK will work with you to determine which design will work best with your process application.


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