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Two-Mass Variable Angle Fluid Beds

General Kinematics Two-Mass Variable Angle Fluid Bed Dryers take a low energy, high throughput approach to variable angle conveyance and fluidization of materials. GK’s innovative V3 drive system with dual self-contained motorized drives, controls trough motion. Remote electrical or pneumatic control varies vibration angle from vertical to 45 degress, and amplitude from minimum to maximum at any material throw angle. These features combine to provide a precise means of adjusting retention time, flow rate and fluidized material bed depth during processing.


  • Application engineered with the stroke/frequency combination needed to minimize the matting of “tacky” materials.
  • Natural frequency design permits smooth starts and stops without isolation system resonance problems or the need for electrical motor braking.
  • Dependable operation with no belts, gears, or expensive bearings to maintain.
  • Bed depth regulated via manually or remotely controlled weirs and adjustable angle, allowing “zoning” of materials in process.
  • Available with complete custom engineered process air systems to suit your application requirements.