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Vibratory Elutriators

General Kinematics Vibratory Elutriators combine vibration with air classification for separating materials of different densities. The collection efficiency of General Kinematics elutriators is maximized through the use of vibratory energy which stratifies the product and conveys it through the process. Once stratified, the lighter density material naturally rises to the top of the material stream and is ejected upwards into the exhaust hood of the machine.

GK vibratory elutriators can be configured in a straight conveyor-style fluid bed design or special spiral conveyor arrangements, depending on your process requirements. Contact General Kinematics for specific information regarding elutriation and other air classification technologies.


  • Separates materials of different densities using air and vibratory fluidization.
  • Custom engineered for your application.
  • Available in straight-line or spiral designs.
  • Complete air handling and process packages available.

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