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UN-COALER® Activator / Feeder

General Kinematics UN-COALER® Activator/Feeder is a state of the art solution to feeding and metering material. The UN-COALER® Activator/Feeder combines the performance of vibratory feeding with the benefit of integrated flow control.

Feeding and Activation in a single, low profile machine.

The UN-COALER® Activator/Feeder combines the flow control characteristics of a totally enclosed vibrating feeder with proven bin activation. Since the unit discharges material vertically to conveyor below, loading is always centered and symmetrical. This feature helps to eliminate belt tracking problems common to side feeding. The UN-COALER® also helps eliminate bridging and other issues found with other metering options.

UN-COALER® Applications

The expanding applications for controlling the flow of bulk materials, and their adaptation for processing requirements, have developed considerable interest in stockpiling and reclaim systems. The flexibility and variety of designs is limited only by the ingenuity of design engineers.

The UN-COALER® is proven to efficiently energize a wide variety of materials including:

  • Coal
  • Potash
  • Pellets
  • Sand
  • Limestone
  • and more!

Below are a few typical applications of General Kinematics UN-COALER®.


Where the 100% reclaim advantages of silo storage are employeed, the UN-COALER® provides a cost-efficient and high-tonnage activating / feeder function. For example, a 70 foot diameter silo can be reclaimed with only four UN-COALER® units installed in-line directly over the belt, providing rates up to 8000 TPH.

Mass flow design coupled with high reliability and low installed cost make the UN-COALER® uniquely suitable for silo storage systems. Along with measurable performance advantages, the UN-COALER® also give operators reduced expenses in both operating and maintenance.



This 100% live reclaim facility makes maximum use of the cost and operating advantages of UN-COALER® design. An entirely enclosed structure, the barn-type storage unit has sloping sides running the length of the building. A series of UN-COALER® units are located in the reclaim tunnel at the base, sized with up to 12 by 12 foot openings and spaced along the tunnel to produce desired reclaim volume. Any percentage of material can be reclaimed simultaneously from any part of the pile.

In this and other tunnel applications where multiple units are used, the operator may include both fixed and variable feed rate on the UN-COALER® to give proper blending and feed rate control. Particularly in barn storage situations, the UN-COALER® units’ low headroom and total access from the tunnel facilitate structural and service efficiency. And for extremely long conveyor runs, the perfectly centered loading pattern virtually eliminates belt tracking problems associated with multiple discharge feeder systems.

Because the UN-COALER® is supported from the floor, structural considerations and costs of suspended equipment is totally eliminated.



The convenience and cost savings of open storage systems, either conical pile or windrow, are enhanced further by the unique installation advantages of the UN-COALER®. Lower headroom design, coupled with entirely free standing floor mounting, significantly reduce construction costs, concrete work and tunnel depth. UN-COALER®’s straight line effective dust sealing, plus the option of explosion proof motors and controls, minimizes dust hazards.

The windrow schematic illustrates the live reclaim efficiency of UN-COALER® installations. Elimination of rat-holing and bridging, plus intersecting reclaim patterns, assures maximum drawdown and reclaim rates with less equipment expense.



Mounted directly above a crusher, the UN-COALER® units ‘low profile and straight line design greatly simplifies hopper and dust seal installation. With 100% linear feed rate adjustment, the UN-COALER® provides constantly uniform discharge into the crusher, assuring maximum efficiency and extended wear life on the crusher elements.

Long, narrow discharge slot is ideal for even distribution of material across the crusher inlet, again without expensive transition pieces or added height requirements. Gravity flow in-line concept reduces crusher house size.



As an alternative to more costly bucket reclaimers, the mobile rail-mounted UN-COALER® produces high volume results with less equipment investment. Here, a wheeled or track mounted loader scoops material into tandem UN-COALER® units mounted on rail vehicle. The loader and UN-COALER® move along the full windrow length, working as a high volume reclaim system. A fixed conveyor is located between the rails where direct vertical discharge from the UN-COALER® produces even feed rates and belt loading.

The economy and reliability of this system, which permits coal handling at less cost per ton, is made possible only by the unique structural and operating advantages of the UN-COALER® unit.



As unit trains or dump trucks deposit enormous quantities of material into large hoppers, the UN-COALER® provides the capacity and feed rate control necessary to distribute it efficiently. The large rectangular opening of the UN-COALER® mounted directly over the conveyor assures maximum drawdown.

The UN-COALER® is equipped with infinitely variable drive systems, permitting direct response to computer load cell or belt scale signals, affording automatic and exact proportioning or blending.

Uncoaler map


uncoaler map


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