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The Velocitrol is a complete system used to detect, display and control the velocity of vibratory equipment. This system consists of an industrial accelerometer, a pair of Vibration Transmitters, and the computer based display and control unit.

The Velocitrol is a PLC based controller that receives signals from two Vibration Transmitters. The Velocitrol displays the current velocity and adjusts a 4-20mA signal to a variable frequency drive to maintain a constant velocity.

The Velocitrol is capable of alternating between two velocity setpoints, which can be triggered by adjustable internal timers or by an external dry contact closure. The Velocitrol displays the stroke continuously, and monitors the stroke for under or over limits.

If either of the limits are exceeded for an adjustable time period, then the Stroke Monitor will indicate an Alarm. The Alarms can be tied to existing control equipment by the dry contact relays. All set points can be adjusted using the operator interface on the front of the Velocitrol.