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Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

Uniquely flexible for a wide range of continuous processing needs, GK’s vibrating fluid bed dryer for bulk processing is ideally used for heating, drying, cooling, coating, or elutriation. GK vibrating fluid beds are available in a variety of configurations and utilize vibratory agitation while passing a process gas through the material bed to suspend the material in a fluidized state. This increases available material surface area, allowing a faster and more complete processing of your material.


  • Each GK fluid bed dryer can heat, cool, dry, coat, and more, all in one unit.
  • Precision drilled, profile wire, exclusive T-P, and “fine hole sheet” distributor decks available to best meet your process needs.
  • Stainless steel, nickel alloy, and carbon steel construction available.
  • Optional drives with instantaneous adjustable stroke and angle of throw for special application requirements.
  • Adjustable weir assemblies for variable fluidized bed depth.
  • TEFC and TENV motor construction.
  • Soft vibration isolation springs facilitate above grade fluid bed installation.
  • Complete supply and exhaust air fluidized bed auxiliary packages for single source installations.
  • Fluid bed dryer units are custom designed to meet your specific throughput requirements.