Take a minute to learn about General Kinematics’ Shot Blast Auxiliary Equipment, Rounding out the list are GK’s most popular shot blast technology as well as an introduction to our newest vibratory conveyor. This list is guaranteed to provide a solution for your cleaning department!


NEW for 2017:

Shot Blast Conveyor

General Kinematics newest Shot Blast Conveyor is equipped for blast unloading and loading as well as shot take-away and reclamation. The lightweight, heavy-duty construction is easily placed underneath any shot blaster. Expertly engineered and competitively priced to be an easy addition to any process, these vibrating conveyors are trending now.


Shot Collection and Reclamation Solutions

These General Kinematics vibrating solutions take on shot blast collection and reclamation. Able to be added to existing shot blast installations our patented shot classifier/reclaimers collect, screen, and redistribute shot back into your cleaning system. Air and vibration work together to clean and remove damaged shot before returning it to your system at a 98% success rate. Cleaned shot reduces wheel maintenance and improves shot performance. Low horsepower reduces energy costs while the low-profile design takes up little space and fits in difficult areas.



Blast Load Feeders

This multi-direction rail mounted feeder can move your material right, left, forward, back, up, and down. The Blast Load Feeder provides multiple options to weigh and monitor your material, such as automated gates and weigh cells. Capable of precisely monitoring and feeding multiple shot blast machines with one unit. Feeders mounted to rails can move to each shot blast machine and return to the initial spot to accumulate feed for the next batch.


‘The Grasshopper’ Blast Feeder

‘The Grasshopper’ Blast Feeder is another flexible feeder that is capable of feeding three process lines as well as one offline station, not to mention accommodating elevation changes. Customizable to fit your specific needs this feeder has got it all. Check out ‘The Grasshoppers’ here to watch this feeder in action.

To learn more about which shot blast unit is best suited for your process, ask the experts at GK!

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