High Quality Foundry Machinery on the Rise in the US

Good news in: following the 2008-2010 recession, the metalcasting industry in the U.S. is expected to experience an ongoing recovery and upswing.

Sales are anticipated to reach $33.51 billion in 2017, according to the American Foundry Society’s 2015 Metalcasting Forecast and Trends report. In fact, all metals are expected to see a sales expansion in the immediate future including investment-cast steel, aluminum, compacted graphite iron (due to engine, turbine and power transmission equipment market) and copper.

Shipments of castings equaled $31.5 billion in 2007, compared to the downturn’s major low in 2009: $21.6 billion. And the U.S. is second place when it comes to its number of casting shipments, based on tons: the U.S. is sandwiched between China, number one, and India, all according to a recent AFS report.

Big picture: General Kinematics is ready to support American foundries as they prepare for the upshift in the market.

Customer Service. Limited downtime. Foundries should consider thorough development of staff in customer service and relations. Try to make equipment maintenance as easy and quick as possible. Have a dispatch team available 24/7 that can help fix on-site issues, and an any-hours hotline or video chat capabilities. In addition have the spare parts you may need on hand at all times.
spare parts for heavy equipment

Fast Repairs. Durable features. In rotary drum installations, GK Engineers wanted to help speed up the cast liner replacement process. Solution: they designed released the LOCK-TITE™ Rotary Liner System. The system shipment includes reassembled cartridges, and the liners are safer to install than the competition’s’ cast grid systems. GK supervision is recommended for the initial installation, but the modular design requires no on-site return of GK staff. In addition, the liners are constructed out of abrasion resistant 450 Brinell steel, which helps to enhance the product’s resistance and overall lifespan. Long-lasting durability is the name of the game.

To learn more about GK foundry equipment visit www.gkfoundry.com or contact us today.

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