Check out the latest General Kinematics C&D installation in Canada. Ready to efficiently screen, sort, and recover C&D material, this system is engineered to easily process 50 MTPH and achieve the customers’ requirements of 90+% uptime in the extremely cold outdoor environment up north.

This C&D system features a GK FINGER-SCREEN™ as the primary screen, and a biviTEC® Screen as the secondary screener.

C&D Recycling System in Canada by General Kinematics
GK Vibratory FINGER-SCREEN (click to view larger image)

With a screening area of approximately 72 inches wide by 38 feet long, the General Kinematics Vibratory FINGER-SCREEN™ makes the initial primary cut (shown above). Material subsequently flows to a bivi-TEC® Double Deck Vibratory “Fines” Screen making a second cut on the upper deck with a GK finger deck, then finally a fines fraction cut on the polyurethane lower deck (shown below).

bivi-TEC Double Deck Vibratory Fines Screen being installed by GK
bivi-TEC Double Deck Vibratory “Fines” Screen (click to view larger image)

The system also includes a Triple-Knife DE-STONER® (shown below) to remove the heavy aggregate material and make an additional separation to remove concentrated wood. As well as a Single-Knife DE-STONER®with Secondary Air Knife to remove the heavy aggregate material and make an additional separation to remove the “ultra-lights”.

Together, all the pieces make a state-of-the-art Construction & Demolition (C&D) Recycling system!

General Kinematics’ vibratory equipment is the heart of sorting systems around the world. This system was selected based on GK’s reputation of durability, efficiency and reliability.

Triple-Knife DE-STONER by General Kinematics
Triple-Kinfe DE-STONER (click to view larger image)

General Kinematics offers bivi-TEC® in partnership with AEI, a licensee of Binder & Co., AG.

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  • Amy Donahue