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New Product: High Frequency Feeder and Screen

 by Sarah Maher,

General Kinematics is proud to announce the latest addition to the Feeder and Screen lines, The High Frequency Screen or Feeder.This innovative design showcases GK’s new patent-pending, Structural Springs that provide both spring rate and direction, taking on the roles of rocker legs and springs. The smaller size of the high-frequency motor provides for a more cost effective solution in comparison to a brute force machine, yet still capable of operating at near natural frequency. One more factor adding to the cost reduction of the High Frequency Screen or Feeder is the minimum need for isolation due to the low strokes and simple design. Not to mention among a variety of materials, the trough is available in food grade stainless steel.

The Benefits of High-Frequency Vibration

High frequency vibration has many benefits and is oftentimes a better fit for certain applications. For instance, fine screening is better accomplished at a high-frequency vibration because of its tendency to fluidize material, which is also an asset when spreading a pile. The combined effort of the motor and Structural Springs allow for high spring rate in a smaller space which may be a good solution for those with minimal available area. The High Frequency Feeder or Screen can even sit directly on the floor with no foundation requirements. Due to the low stroke startup and shutdown transfer point, very little clearance is needed providing little chance of pinched fingers and other injuries.


Why High-Frequency over Brute Force?

The key differentiator between High Frequency and Brute Force Motors is flexibility. Brute force designs can be limited in length by the effect of vertical deflections. General Kinematics’ patent pending Structural Spring enables a design to better distribute driving forces down the length of the unit. This reduces cantilever length, unintended deflections, and stress thereby making it possible to design longer high-frequency units. Of course, that is not the only benefit to the GK high-frequency design. It is also safer, load responsive, cost-effective, and has a smoother start and stop.


To learn more about how the new High Frequency Feeders or Screens can make an impact on your process talk to a GK Engineer today!