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It started with an odd request directed to our engineering team: “With all the power I am holding in this mobile device, how can we at GK use this technology to ensure our customers have the best experience with our equipment?” After some hard work and innovation, we are excited to announce that the results of this conversation are now available through General Kinematics’ new BARRIER™ program.

GK’s BARRIER™ is designed to end the cycle of downtime. This means we use the latest technology to help you to maximize the performance of your vibratory equipment to keep it up and running. This is done through machine monitoring, maintenance notifications, and more.

GK BARRIER™ has three segments.

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APEX™ connects with our free smartphone app and is available here. The latest version of the GK Accelerometer allows users to measure the performance of their vibratory equipment as well as monitor multiple pieces of equipment over time, creating the perfect tool for your toolbox. The lightweight, wireless device fits in your pocket and can be used on ANY vibrating machine.


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VERTEX™, an all-new monitoring device, is now included on most new GK machines and is available with various levels of monitoring packages to best serve your process. Each VERTEX™ is equipped with two three-axis accelerometers to accurately measure the vibrating characteristics of your machine. If you are signed up for our BARRIER™ monitoring program and something doesn’t seem right with your equipment, VERTEX™ will let GK know so we can help you quickly resolve the issue and get back to maximizing your uptime.


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The third part of BARRIER™ is our NOMADX™ on-site service program. Our NOMADX™ team utilizes the data collected via APEX™ and VERTEX™ to determine the operating condition of your vibrating equipment. They can then work hand in hand with your maintenance team to optimize your equipment to ensure maximum uptime performance.

With the launch of BARRIER™, GK has raised the bar on vibratory monitoring and maintenance. BARRIER™ will give you an unprecedented view into the data behind your process performance, allowing you to maximize uptime and end the cycle of downtime. To learn more about our new BARRIER™ program, please contact us.

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