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How to Reduce Worker Fatigue in Conveyor Sorting

Sorting Conveyors Working on a conveyor line to sort post-blast material for processing is hard work.

For such a physically demanding job, it makes sense to take every measure possible to reduce fatigue in your employees. If you’ve been facing the dilemma of how to reduce worker fatigue, our effective solutions can help your employees, as well as your production. The type of sorting process used and the manner in which your employees work will make all the difference in how they’re impacted by work. These conveyor sorting best practices can help your company achieve the goal of reduced worker fatigue.

Sorting Problems and Solutions

– A Reduction in Reach Diverts Back Pain. Unnecessary or extended reach can become a real issue for workers, resulting in back pain. Providing your employees with tools or simple additions to your conveyor that put the materials in front of workers can prevent this.

– Reduce Muscle Fatigue. Lifting high or low and having to stretch the entire body to reach something on the conveyor belt can cause employees to experience muscle fatigue long before the workday is over. Appropriate equipment reduces or eliminates unnecessary movements.

– Avoiding Musculoskeletal Disorders. Continual problems with conveyor sorting worker fatigue, pain and injury puts employees at risk of developing Musculoskeletal disorders. Protect the health of your workers and achieve processing goals by using conveyor sorting equipment that has both your employees and your business in mind.

The Benefits of Ergonomics

The use of improved conveyor sorting machinery benefits workers by improving ergonomics. Simply put, ergonomics is the study of peoples’ work habits. When observations or discussions with your workers reveals that sorting work is becoming a health issue, it’s clearly time to make changes. The installation of better, more effective machinery can solve problems related to conveyor sorting and worker health and fatigue.

Better Machinery Equals Happier, Healthier Workers

Worker fatigue leads to myriad problems in the workplace environment. Not only does it affect production, it can also lead to employee injuries, reduced performance and missed workdays. While there are many temporary fixes you could employ to solve this problem, a more permanent solution can be found in better machinery.

Conveyor sorting machinery that takes unnecessary strain off of a worker’s body by reducing excess movement, such as bending, reaching and stooping, can solve your employees’ struggles with fatigue. The right machinery can answer your question about how to reduce worker fatigue.

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  1. Chris Pederson

    I’m glad workers are benefited from better ergonomics. Maybe getting a conveyor would be a great idea after all. I’ll have to see what my potential business partners think.

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