gk finger screen machineRecycling plays a key role in the health of our planet. More corporations, organizations and individuals want to improve the way they recycle. As a leading provider of recycling system solutions in the construction and demolition industry, General Kinematics offers equipment and know-how to solve the toughest material handling needs.

But what’s a recycler to do when reusable material is jumbled with waste? Enter GK’s innovative “Finger-Screen” technology.

The Technology

A breakthrough in bulk material handling, the FINGER-SCREEN™ combines efficiency and accuracy to take the headache out of reusable resource recovery. Standard wire mesh screening surfaces fall short of the FINGER-SCREEN™’s streamlined performance. The secret lies in the combination of GK’s signature vibratory processing technology and jam-proof mechanics. Here’s how it works:

– Vibrations spread the recyclables and waste across the deck to facilitate sorting.

– Multiple decks separate material by size while staggered finger positions keep material from dodging the sort process.

– The cascading design helps ensure that more material is sorted, minimizing hold-ups.

Still curious about how the FINGER-SCREEN™ stands out from other bulk material sorting systems? Here are five reasons GK’s innovative technology outperforms the competition:

5 Reasons a Finger-Screen is Superior:

1. Even spreading. The vibratory motion quickly scatters the material across the deck instead of leaving it in a clump. This helps the machine smoothly classify the material as it passes through.

2. Unique “finger” technology. Unlike standard sorting technology, the FINGER-SCREEN™’s trademark staggered fingers guard against material bypass while tapered fingers classify and loosen trapped items.

3. Cascading flow. The cascading motion helps free trapped material, saving time and boosting efficiency.

4. Customization. GK makes every FINGER-SCREEN™ to meet customers’ needs. No matter how big or small your project, there’s a perfect machine waiting for you.

5. Easy replacement. The modular design saves you time and hassle when you need to replace it.

To learn more about the Finger-Screen and other recycling equipment, visit General Kinematics. With installers in over 35 countries, GK supplies high-quality equipment for all your recycling and mining needs.

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