The GK Guide to the Top Recycling Trade Shows of 2016

As a thought leader in manufacturing—including vibratory equipment, rotary equipment and process systems—General Kinematics knows the importance of not only creating high-quality products but also the value of partnerships in the field. Recycling conventions are one of the best opportunities to build those relationships face to face. In a market that’s projected to grow to be worth 21 billion euros (equivalent to about 22.75 billion U.S. dollars) by 2020, according to Statista, the global recycling market is an environmentally conscientious industry as well as a profitable one.

Here, we compiled a list of a handful of the top 2016 recycling trade shows for the year ahead.

Top Recycling Trade Shows 2016

Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show

For starters, Moore & Associates spokesman, Bill Moore, will dive into the conference with a workshop on recovered paper markets—which is not to be missed! Other presentations address the power of trash in people’s lives—led by Karen McDaniels from the XSProject—the economic impact of recycling, recycling education for residents, deriving revenue from existing waste paper streams, and many others.

Destin, FL, U.S.A.

March 13-16, 2016

Carolina Recycling Association’s 26th Annual Conference & Trade Show

Addressing a gamut of issues, this educational event launches with a collegiate recycling coalition workshop and tour, which takes a look at both the challenges and innovations in the community. Following sessions include a tour of the New Hanover County C&D recycling facility that will soon be operational paired with lessons on how to divert and recycle C&D materials, and another discussion on how to recycle glass, amongst many others.

Wilmington, NC, U.S.A.

March 21-24, 2016

ISRI 2016 Convention & Exposition

This conference will dabble in issues across the board, ranging from plastics—including updates regarding both virgin and recycled resins in the marketplace—to electronics and how to be the best service provider while also profiting from reuse and repair.

Las Vegas, Nev., U.S.A.

April 2-7, 2016

Waste Expo

Head to Vegas with 13,000 peers in the industry—but what happens in Vegas, leaves Vegas. People are able to check out the newest products and technologies while learning about waste, recycling and organics amongst 600 exhibitors.

Las Vegas, Nev., U.S.A.

June 6-9, 2016

Resource Recycling Conference

From Keep America Beautiful to the American Forest & Paper Association, the Resource Recycling Conference is a go-to conference for policy leaders, CEO’s and government officials as well as a prime space for networking with prospective partners and vendors. Panels include talks on trends in materials processing, legislation and market analysis.

Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.A.

August 30-September 1, 2016

Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference North America

Beyond recycling paper and plastics, this North American conference delves into a range of recyclable materials including electronics, metals as well as legislation and operations.

Chicago, IL, U.S.A.

October 19-21, 2016


Head up to Canada and discover the world of dry recyclables recovery and recycling. From pallets to boxes and more, find out how to become a leader in the efforts to make used items new again and meet new connections in the dry goods recycling world.

Quebec, Canada

February 17-18, 2016

C&D World

The Construction and Demolition Recycling Association gathers for its annual meeting to discuss the future of C&D materials that can be recycled into new usable materials. The event will showcase equipment and services in the C&D recycling realm.

San Jose, CA, USA

May 1-3, 2016

Autralasian Waste and Recycling Expo

With an expected attendance of over 1400, this event will showcase products and services in Waste Management, Environmental and Recycling Industries. This event is directed at visionaries, influencers and policy makers to bring about a brighter future in the waste and recycling world.

Sydney, Australia

August 10-11, 2016


The Scrap Expo in Sao Paulo is a specialized event featuring merchants, processors, and large-scale recyclable material generators in the industrial recycling industry. This event will offer attendees a chance to discuss information about large machinery, processes, and the market for industrial recycling.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

September 13-15, 2016

In addition to this list, don’t miss us at our current lineup of recycling trade show events and expos. We hope to see you there!

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