Tubular Conveyors


Fine powders can be extremely difficult to convey. Move them too much and clouds of the material will appear around the conveyor. Don’t move them enough and you will see a “plowed field” effect as GK’s Technical Director, Oscar Mathis describes it. One corn-derived sweetener company needed to find a way to convey their fine powder product while retaining a food grade quality process.



Having worked with General Kinematics in the past and, knowing we love a good challenge, the company approached GK. The engineers went to work finding a solution, creating variations of conveyors and testing them in-house before they found the perfect solution.



The answer to this fine powder problem was a tubular conveyor. The product would be dropped from a feeder into the tubular conveyor before splitting off into the three different directions of the company’s process. The feeder would span about 50-60 feet and operate at about 4 metric tons per hour, conveying faster than their previous conveyor. The tubular design would contain the dust, make cleaning as easy as running water through the conveyor, and be surge tolerant.


The results were amazing. The tubular feeder did everything it was designed to and more! In fact, though it was designed for 4 it is able to handle up to 7.5 metric tons per hour and function at nearly “plug” flow without a significant loss in conveying speeds. Installed nearly eighteen years ago, the Tubular Conveyor is still running without a hitch!

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