FINGER-SCREEN™ Vibrating Screeners

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    FINGER-SCREEN™ 2.0 Primary Screen

    General Kinematics FINGER-SCREEN™ Vibratory Separator for resource recycling has become an industry icon and proven in hundreds of applications around the world. Now, General Kinematics […]


    General Kinematics’ FINGER-SCREEN™ for Waste to Energy (WTE) is proven to be highly successful in processing wet bottom ash and scalping off the “bulkies”. GK’s […]

    GK Rod Deck Screen for Single Stream

    General Kinematics Rod Deck Screen for Single Stream is specifically designed for the separation of difficult material that is prone to sticking or blinding in traditional […]

    Vibratory OCC Screen

    The SXS SCREEN™ for OCC can be used to separate OCC in addition to the withstanding contaminated material streams. The higher stroke translates to faster […]

    Secondary Fines Screens

    General Kinematics’ High-Energy Secondary Screens in conjunction with GK’s FINGER-SCREEN™ Primary Screen for resource recycling has proven to be highly successful in a wide range […]

    SXS SCREEN® High-Stroke Vibratory Screens

    Revolutionary SIDE BY SIDE Recycling Equipment designed for maximum separation. For the past thirty years, General Kinematics has researched and developed an innovative line of […]

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