2021: A Year in Review

2021 has been a monumental year for General Kinematics. Many good changes and exciting events have taken place in the past year, and in honor of the new year, we would like to look back at some of the highlights.


2021 Highlights


1. General Kinematics announces their acquisition of Foundry Equipment Company.
Starting the year off with a bang, General Kinematics announced the acquisition of Foundry Equipment Company (FECo). This addition expanded GK Systems’ expertise and capacity.

2. General Kinematics Announces its acquisition of CYRUS Schwingtechnik
Following the acquisition of FECo with another exciting opportunity, CYRUS Schwingtechnik joined the GK team, allowing GK to increase offerings and availability to our European customers.

3. General Kinematics was selected to fill the material handling system role in Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company greenfield development.
GK was able to take part in many exciting customer projects in 2021. Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company’s greenfield development announcement was memorable for all of GK.

4. General Kinematics Attended MINExpo in Las Vegas, NV
Accompanied by Copper Mountain Mining Corporation’s new STM-SCREEN™ General Kinematics attended MINExpo 2021. The show was a huge success allowing us to see many return customers and meet new ones.

5. Copper Mountain Mining Corporation: STM-SCREEN™ Case Study
We returned to Copper Mountain Mining Corporation in 2021 to talk with their team about the positive impact the STM-SCREEN™ has had two years after install.


Looking Forward to the Future 

Although 2021 was a great year, 2022 promises many exciting new challenges and opportunities. Here are a few things to look forward to in 2022:


1. CastExpo 2022

This spring, General Kinematics will attend CastExpo 2022 in Columbus, Ohio. If you are interested in learning more about GK foundry and systems, this will be an excellent opportunity to talk to our foundry experts!

2. AGG1

General Kinematics will attend AGG1 in Nashville, Tennessee. The ideal opportunity to learn more about the GK Aggregate Screen along with our other aggregate and mining equipment offerings.

3. CIM 2022

Taking place in Vancouver, Canada, CIM will be the perfect event to learn more about the STM-SCREEN from our industry experts.

4. Stay tuned to the GK Social Media channels to check out new equipment, project updates, and more!


We are constantly working on exciting new things, and we look forward to sharing them with you in the new year! Have a new year resolution to work with GK? Contact us today to start your 2022 project!

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