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It’s a GK World

 by Jack McLellan,

In recent years, the foundry industry has grown and expanded to reach explosive demands. Closely tied to the foundry industry, General Kinematics has evolved to continue providing world-class support to this growing customer base. 

Headquartered in the United States

General Kinematics has invested in growing customer support and utilizing its foundry knowledge and expertise in the United States. Historically, GK has been known as an equipment provider with a holistic view of solutions. In 2020, General Kinematics applied that approach to total systems design. In subsequent years, GK acquired a trusted systems EPC firm, Foundry Equipment Company, and equipment manufacturer, TUFFMAN®, to support this endeavor. 

The brand, now known as GK SYSTEMS, has grown significantly since its acquisition to support the incredible demand. The company moved to new Cedar Rapids, Iowa offices, and the engineering and construction management staff quadrupled.

Auxiliary equipment provider, TUFFMAN®, has also undergone drastic changes. Rebranded and redesigned equipment has been made heavy-duty to align with the GK commitment to quality the company is widely known for.

General Kinematics Headquarters in Crystal Lake, Illinois, has also had incredible employee growth and undergone a 42,000 sq/ft manufacturing space expansion to keep up with demand for larger-scale equipment. 

A Global Network

The United States is not the only area with exponential growth over the past few years. General Kinematics has offices in China, India, and Thailand, a new office in Poland, and a recently relocated office in Germany. The updated German office is home to GKE and vibratory equipment provider CYRUS, acquired by General Kinematics in 2021. These changes will attract and retain the best foundry talent in the industry to ensure we provide our global customers with the highest level of service at any time, anywhere.

Continued Growth

More and more customers are learning the benefits of GK around the world. As our customer base grows, we are committed to providing the best support possible from any location. We are excited by the growth we have seen in the past few years and look forward to the new growth and new partnerships we foresee in our future. 

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Jack McLellan

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