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Cash in on General Kinematics’ Pre-Owned Equipment Opportunities

 by General Kinematics,

cash in on general kinematics preowned equipment

Look up and down a queue of last season’s skis: Just because those pairs debuted in the market last year, and were designed the year prior, doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy. In ski towns, often hardly-used, high-end skis and snowboards go on sale at end-of-season garage sale for the community. The equipment is hardly used (or hasn’t been used at all), high-end and in excellent condition.

Similarly, equipment that’s made by General Kinematics doesn’t have a 12-month expiration date. Or 24. Or 36. These machines are designed for heavy-duty service that lasts years upon years.

Why is General Kinematics’ Pre-Owned Equipment on Sale?

Over the years, manufacturing and processing plants may close down. A handful of machines are designed for trade show demonstrations. Other plants may experience a shift in focus and need to remove equipment in order to make room for different processing capacities. As a result, there are excellent opportunities to purchase General Kinematics pre-owned equipment.

Reassurance for Pre-Owned Equipment

Just like buying a used car, you want to know the entire history of its battle wounds, care and overall maintenance. We’ve got you covered. Here’s why:

1) First of all, before machines are resold, General Kinematics offers a factory-certified reconditioning program. All machines go through a structural inspection, components are replaced as needed, and any upgrades are fulfilled.

2) Secondly, GK has an extensive archive with the manuals and service history of close to every machine they have produced. With a unit serial number in hand, GK can look up that information.

3) Furthermore, (for peace of mind) General Kinematics is available to provide on-site visits in case a technician is needed if the machine isn’t running just right.

4) General Kinematics also celebrates one of the largest vibratory parts inventories in the entire industry and wants to ensure that all machines stay up-to-tune. To help, you can browse over our recommended parts list. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about replacing the entire machine if there’s a troublesome part and you can contact us for the majority of replacements.

With GK’s factory-certified reconditioning program, a pre-owned machine will run like a model of last year’s skis: Just like new. What’s the bonus? Putting a green-foot forward and enjoying awesome cost savings. Contact us today to find out more!

General Kinematics Corporation, incorporated in 1960, was established to market, design, and custom fabricate innovative vibratory equipment for the foundry, recycling, mining, and processing industries. Today the company continues as one of the world’s largest suppliers of vibratory processing equipment and has evolved into an industry-leading EPC firm. Headquartered in Crystal Lake, IL, General Kinematics has seven global locations providing engineering and support to a world-wide customer base. GK is a third generation, family-owned company and is ISO 9001 certified.