A foundry’s workflow is like paddling a river in a raft: The conditions change. To stay afloat, the technique—greatly defined by the site equipment—needs to be updated to maintain efficiency, safety, energy use and overall comfort.

To help you maintain your machinery here’s a quick-hit list of the foundry solutions provided by General Kinematics.

Rotary Drum & Shakeout

Drum roll…Rotary drums now come in two options. One series uses the traditional method, an inner drum shell, to convey material. The other design—a newer rotary drum technology—is outfit with a vibratory conveyor to move along goods.

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Vibratory Drum & Shakeout

Proper castings shake out is essential to reduce foundry scrap. Designs from GK can help throughout the procedure in a variety of ways including gentle sand removal, impact and noise minimization, variable force drive, and the control of shakeout rate.

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Vibrating Feeder

With modern GK feeders, you can layout a foundry system that flows with multiple feed directions, various unloading points, straight or curved configurations, and two-mass systems with coil springs—just to name a few advantages.

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Vibratory Conveyor

Glowing red castings, hot flowing sand and abrasive steel slices: These vibrating conveyors help to move all the goods that you can’t.

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Slag and Dross Reclamation

Quench. Cool. Recover: In many cases, the byproducts of metal casting are tossed out—instead, turn those bits into value. GK’s vibratory quenching conveyors are rugged and ready for handling slag, dross, castings and other hot metal and byproducts.

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Casting Cooling Equipment

Keep castings cool. Before fresh castings can progress in processing their temperature needs to be reduced. Here’s the controlled cooling equipment from GK to effectively assist at the right speed and temps.

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Sand Systems & Reclamation

To extend its factory life, sand needs primping and care, too. GK offers equipment to handle, cool, and reclaim that grainy material and help lengthen its use.

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Lost Foam

This casting system will make work seem like a day at the beach. A compaction system, the Lost Foam Casting System uses free-flowing sand to aid the process of mold-compacting materials. Also, the machine is stacked vertically, so you’re foundry will save space, too.

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Melt Deck Equipment

Need to improve the safety measure and speediness of your foundry’s melting operations? In preparation of melting (or re-melting) scraps, various GK equipment removes debris via aggressive tumbling, weighs and organizes charge make-up materials, and can prepare additional materials to pour the metal recipe.

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Cleaning Room Solutions

To make casting cleaning operations that much more efficient, General Kinematics offers tailored equipment—which addresses blast weighing, metering, loading, unloading and sorting—to help.

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