Power Transmission Company required a method to transfer varying sizes of magnesium scrap to a crusher.  The maximum load height of the machine could not exceed 8’-6” and the load-in area needed to accommodate a 6’-0” wide bucket with a 1 yd3 capacity.  When the crusher was full, the conveyor would be shut off or be placed in a stand-by mode.  Scrap under 1/8” was to be removed from the material stream.



The General Kinematics SYNCRO-COIL® Vibratory Conveyor provides the necessary action to transfer the scrap, as delivered by the customer end-loader.  Sales proposal drawings were provided early in the project to allow for site feasibility investigation.

Scrap Conveyor


A GK SYNCRO-CUSHION Drive was used to convey scrap at the required rate of 5 tons per hour. Steel rider bars were installed in the trough pan to assist material transfer and the feed end of the conveyor featured a loading area with a high sides to accommodate the load from the skid-steer. A FINGER-SCREEN™TM with a chute was designed and added near the discharge. Finally, a variable frequency drive was incorporated into the design to allow intermittent conveyance.


The conveyor has been in service with good reliability and low maintenance.  Isolation springs with bolted connections provide lateral stability, as well as minimizing vibration transmission to the supports and floor.


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