R&D New Product Releases for 2016

During 2016, GK has done more than new product installations and traveling around the world for trade shows. It’s high time to celebrate two of our 2016 product launches: the HD-HSF (High Displacement High Stroke Feeder) and the VIBRA-DRUM® Lab Scale Grinding Drum—a proudly progressive addition to the GK lineup.

VIBRA-DRUM® Lab Scale Grinding Drum

True to GK’s style, the brand-new 2016 vibratory drum— the VIBRA-DRUM® Lab Scale Grinding Drum—is designed to break down materials more effectively in a small and portable version, thus making it an ideal solution for offline testing scenarios to keep your production flowing. Here’s what you need to know…

GK VIBRA-DRUM Lab Scale Grinding Drum photos

The drum is capable of fine grinding from 3,000 to 5 microns in size. Tons of materials can be test in this innovative machine: everything from cement, e-scrap or shale to titanium and barite (check out the extended list here). In addition, the unit is perfect for batch grinding.

The chamber material fabrication is strengthened and ready for an array of chemical processes, including grinding during an initial leach of precious metal recovery operations. The drum allows the facility to test projects on-site, and its lab data can be used to inform scaling up. Furthermore, the machine is easy to operate, and easy to move with a forklift.At less than 1,200 pounds, the VIBRA-DRUM® Lab Scale Grinding Drum has no particular foundation requirements.

HD-HSF: High Displacement High Stroke Feeder

General Kinematics R&D Department also debuted a second new product: the High Displacement-High Stroke Feeder. The HD-HSF allows an enhanced separation of materials and improved purity levels. At the end of the day, that means your recycled commodities are cleaner, more desirable with higher profitability.

HD HSF by General Kinematics

How does it work? This vibratory machine puts more energy into the material, which causes an enhanced separation of the commodities. When the materials are displaced (with the additional energy) they are spread evenly across the entire width of the unit. Thus the subsequent optical sorter in the processing line is able to do its job better for optimal recovery.

Designed specifically for the industry, this unit is available in foot, suspension, or combo mounted models.

If you’re interested in either of these new pieces of vibratory equipment, reach out to the team of GK experts today!

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