Screening Machines

For most, part of the material handling process consists of sorting or classifying materials. Screening machines can be used in order to keep the work efficient

What are Screening Machines?

Screening machines aid in the sorting process. They can often include conveyors and screens. The screens separate particles while conveyors are attached to transport particles to the next process. Particles can be separated by size, density, or other factors depending on the need of the project. 

The Process of Screening

The process of screening starts by placing the materials you wish to separate onto the machine. The particles move along the length of the machine with the vibration of the trough and screen decks. Separating can be used to aid in classification of materials and is normally one step of the process. 

Different Screening Techniques

When it comes to screening techniques there isn’t just one type of screening process or type of machine. Some of the types include:

  • Trommel screens – this type of screen doesn’t use vibrations to move the material around but is shaped like a drum and rotates to separate the particles. 
  • Aggregate screens – these screens are used for sorting of aggregates and allow for maximum flexibility if you’re screening materials in bulk. 
  • Tumbler screening – tumblers are used to screen for fine materials by sifting away the smaller particles to catch the larger ones. 
  • Vibrating equipment- vibrating equipment uses gravity and vibrations to screen materials. This type of screen is easily customizable for different processes and can withstand extremely heavy or abrasive materials. 

Why Use Screening Machinery?

Screening machinery is useful when sorting or screening many different materials. Increased efficiency, increased profitability, and throughput are all valid reasons to use screening equipment. 

Finding Equipment

As you’re searching for the right equipment for your processing needs, General Kinematics can help you find the right fit for your business. Browse through our selection of products or contact us if you would like to talk to a GK engineer today.

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