When facing the decision of purchasing capital equipment, there’s a lot to consider. It’s a big decision that should never be taken lightly. You might find yourself asking, will the equipment work as promised? Will the equipment be reliable? Will it require a lot of routine maintenance and upkeep? What will I do if it doesn’t work? 

For over five decades, General Kinematics has proven itself as a design innovator and leader in equipment manufacturing. Our team is ready to help you solve those problems and find answers. With every successful installation, we have shown that our solutions improve your process and increase profit to your bottom line. 

GK operates in over 30 countries

Our company headquarters may be in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA but our install base and service reach is extensive and worldwide. We have over 40,000 installations in 35 countries. In addition to our U.S. headquarters in the Midwest, we also have regional offices in Germany, England, Beijing, Shanghai, and India. No matter where you are located, General Kinematics has a team nearby to help you.

Service and Support  24/7/365 

Because we have General Kinematics branches all over the world, we can provide ongoing customer service and support, no matter the time, the day, or the location. Our customer service and support team, known as GK Parts and Service, is on standby around the clock whenever you need assistance. Our monitoring system(s) help our engineers know when your equipment might be needing help and we can assist you over the phone. However, if you need a GK service member onsite, we’ll send a professional to wherever you are in the world as quickly as we can. Having an issue with another brand of equipment? No problem. We offer solutions for our competitors too. When other vibratory equipment suppliers can’t get their equipment to work, our Field Service team is ready to help.

A leader in innovation

General Kinematics has been a leader in innovation for recycling, foundry, processing, and mining since 1960. Since our founding, we’ve faced tough process challenges with enthusiasm and determination. We’ve solved problems that other manufacturers and innovators couldn’t, and we have the patents to prove it. GK has four-times the patents than the next leading vibratory equipment manufacturer. That’s why many leading  U.S. manufacturers and European manufacturers choose General Kinematics vibratory equipment for their vibratory process solutions.

We serve many different industries

Every General Kinematics solution is designed with your industry’s needs, company goals, performance, reliability, and efficiency in mind. We’re trusted and recognized for being the best solutions provider in industries including:

Our design philosophy and Two-Mass drive technology far outlast the competition in every industry. General Kinematics is the only heavy-duty vibratory equipment company that has been certified in ISO 9001 for over a decade.

GK is committed to what we do

Most importantly, General Kinematics is committed to getting your equipment processes up and running. We have never walked away from a customer with a problem. Part of the job and part of our mission is to create and find solutions for even the most difficult challenges in all of the industries we work with. We make that happen with our incredible team of people dedicated to the success of our customers. That’s what sets General Kinematics apart from the rest. 

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