Vibratory & Rotary Shakeouts

In the modern foundry, there are many options when it comes to choosing the proper shakeout technology for your metal casting facility. General Kinematics is the only foundry equipment supplier which offers every type of vibratory and rotary shakeout solution. Not only that, GK also has proprietary, custom solutions that nobody else can make or offer you. This means that when a GK Foundry specialist recommends a piece of shakeout equipment, it is based on what is best for your application, not what is in our product catalog.

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    DUCTA-CLEAN® Rotary Media Drum

        Cleaner Castings and reduced maintenance are just two of the advantages the DUCTA-CLEAN® Rotary Media Drum can offer. Media scrubs castings, removing sand, all while separating sprue and […]

    DUCTA-COOL™ Rotary Dryers and Cooling Drums

    GK’s DUCTA-COOL™ Rotary Dryer and Cooling Drum combines sand cooling, sand and casting separation, and casting cooling in one efficient rotary drum. Gentle tumbling action, coupled with air circulation, creates an […]

    DUCTA-SPRUE® Rotary Sprue Cleaner / Consolidator

    The DUCTA-SPRUE® Rotary Sprue Cleaner / Consolidator combines innovative patented rotary technology with GK’s proven vibratory material transfer equipment to give you a long-lasting, easy to maintain solution for processing sprue, […]

    DUCTA-SCREEN™ Rotary Shakeout

        The DUCTA-SCREEN™ Rotary Shakeout quickly and efficiently processes molds to separate and remove sand from castings. The DUCTA-SCREEN™ rotary shakeout is ideal when separating castings from flaskless molds. […]

    V2™ Variable Angle Shakeouts

    General Kinematics V2™ Variable Angle Shakeouts allow you to adjust casting retention time with the push of a button. Long lasting components and extra heavy-duty construction offer extended uptime and […]

    Brute Force / Direct-Drive Shakeouts

    From the inception of using vibration to shakeout castings, Brute Force Shakeouts have been utilized as an affordable solution to removing sand from castings. For over 50 years, GK has been […]

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